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Today, I Become Part Of The Great Resignation. And I Feel Fine.

When I left broadcast meteorology on the last day of November in 2017, I was more than ready to go. I had been passed up for three promotions, yet I had the qualifications for all of them. I had an … Continue reading

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Is Cincinnati Cloudier Than Seattle This Year?

Think of the cloudiest place you know. Is it Seattle? Or Buffalo? Or Portland, Oregon? It may be your neighborhood. There are different ways to measure cloudiness, but looking at the really cloudy days gives an idea of often we … Continue reading

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Lessons In Grief: What 25 Years Without My Father Has Taught Me

I was 11 years old. I was so young that I remember playing with Legos on the family room floor. At the time, I found it a point of pride to answer the phone in the house, but at 5:15pm … Continue reading

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Does This Year In Cincinnati Seem Unusually Cloudy To You? You’re Right.

If you’re thinking 2021 has been very cloudy, you’re right. Including today (which is likely to change with late day sun, but we’ll use data through 4pm today), today was the 10th completely cloudy day in Cincinnati: We’ve not only … Continue reading

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What Happened To All That Snow You Had Forecast?

Just before 6pm on Monday, February 15th, I posted these words on social media: “Trolls and haters…this is your time to shine, and bring your worst.” And they came. There is no denying my forecasts for snow in the days … Continue reading

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Is January 2021 in Cincinnati Cloudier Than Most?

Does this month seem cloudier than usual to you…or does it just feel that way? Tuesday was the 13th day of January 2021 so far with 100% cloud cover between sunrise and sunset: In other words, half of all of … Continue reading

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Has This Month And Year Been Cloudier Than Usual in Cincinnati?

Several people have reached out to me on social media recently about how cloudy this year, winter, spring, or month has been in Cincinnati. Does the data support it? How do we answer this question? Quantifying cloud cover is difficult … Continue reading

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Thank You, John Lomax

John: This post is long overdue, but I owe you – at bare minimum – a very large thank you for all you did for me years ago, especially from late 2015 to the end of my time working with … Continue reading

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Loving The Weather While Working In Business; Why I Partnered With WHIO Weather

Just over 2 years ago, I left my career as a broadcast meteorologist behind with an MBA in hand and a new career path in business intelligence beginning. I’ve found success in my second career, but – as you might … Continue reading

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18 Ways To Become A Better Meteorologist

I’ve often reflected on my days working as a full-time meteorologist, and I wish I had learned some key lessons much earlier in my career. Alternatively, I wish there been someone to be honest and tell me these lessons of … Continue reading

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