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18 Ways To Become A Better Meteorologist

I’ve often reflected on my days working as a full-time meteorologist, and I wish I had learned some key lessons much earlier in my career. Alternatively, I wish there been someone to be honest and tell me these lessons of … Continue reading

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People Problems: A Lesson Learned And Who Must Surround You

Do you ever take your work home with you? I encourage you to do just the opposite: take the lessons learned at home to work with you. After a relaxing Friday night of watching people learn the basics of blacksmithing, … Continue reading

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Why You Don’t Need Regular, Granular Forecast Updates

I woke up this morning to find the weather chatter centering on rain to snow from Monday night and Tuesday. Depending on what computer forecast model you believe, there’s also the potential for snow later this week, this weekend, and … Continue reading

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The Things They Never Told Me: An Open Letter To Penn State And Campus Weather Service Students

To The Students Of Penn State University And The Campus Weather Service: Odds are good you have no idea who I am, but I was once like you. I graduated from Penn State 11 years ago with a Bachelor of … Continue reading

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Meteorologists Need To Be Data Scientists And Programmers. Their Future Depends On It.

Data is really, really important to any business that matters. Data is being used to not just get a heartbeat on what customers are buying and using; it’s being used to drive decisions within the business. As I highlighted yesterday, … Continue reading

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Weather Communications Has A Problem And Business Thinking Can Fix It

As a meteorologist, a weather communicator, and someone to aims to be humble, I’ve come to accept and respect that the weather community has a critical issue that needs to be addressed. As a businessperson, I see business problems being … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To Miami University & Its President: Please Share Your Airport Weather Station Data

To Miami University and President Crawford: I have great respect for Miami University. I applied to your MBA program in late 2015 because I have great respect for your business program. My mother is a three time graduate of your … Continue reading

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