Big Snow For Tri-State Recently; More Snow, Some Rain Coming

From October 2011 to April 2012, 5.6″ of snow fell in Cincinnati. Contrast that with the 7.4″ of snow that has fallen in Cincinnati over the last 10 days. In Cincinnati, more snow has fallen in the last 10 days than in the 635 days before them (6.5″ fell between 3/27/2011 and 12/20/2012).

With Friday and Saturday’s event, there were large differences in storm total snow accumulations from one community to the other. Here is a map of storm reports from the National Weather Forecast Office in Wilmington (not all of the amounts shown are storm totals):


Notice the variation on snowfall amounts in and around the I-275 loop; I measured 1.9″ of new snow at the WKRC-TV studios in Mt. Auburn through 9:45am Saturday, but most within 10 miles saw 2-4″:


I assure you my total (through 9:45am) is correct; I am a trained weather spotter…and a meteorologist!

Unlike Wednesday’s event where there were fairly uniform bands of 1-2″, 2-4″, etc., snowfall amounts with Friday and Saturday’s event resembled a shotgun spray where some got blasted and others didn’t see as much. Snow banding was the main driver behind the variation in totals. Most of the fresh snowpack in the Ohio Valley can be seen on late morning visible satellite imagery:


Today will be sunny to mostly sunny with high temperatures in the upper 20s.

Another round of rain and snow is coming late Monday, Tuesday, and Tuesday night. The best chance for rain – be it small – will be favored south of Cincinnati tomorrow afternoon and evening. Most will just see snow from late tomorrow afternoon through Tuesday night.

How much snow is coming? Odds of 1″+ of snow from Monday afternoon through Tuesday night look good. Totals beyond that are uncertain. The latest NAM model runs paints 1-2″ of snow for the entire event, the latest GFS paints about 1″ (some community with less), and last night’s ECMWF model run paints 1-2″ of snow for most. This is raw model output, not a forecast. Forecast totals may be released as soon as tonight.

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