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Is Cincinnati Cloudier Than Seattle This Year?

Think of the cloudiest place you know. Is it Seattle? Or Buffalo? Or Portland, Oregon? It may be your neighborhood. There are different ways to measure cloudiness, but looking at the really cloudy days gives an idea of often we … Continue reading

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Has This Month And Year Been Cloudier Than Usual in Cincinnati?

Several people have reached out to me on social media recently about how cloudy this year, winter, spring, or month has been in Cincinnati. Does the data support it? How do we answer this question? Quantifying cloud cover is difficult … Continue reading

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18 Ways To Become A Better Meteorologist

I’ve often reflected on my days working as a full-time meteorologist, and I wish I had learned some key lessons much earlier in my career. Alternatively, I wish there been someone to be honest and tell me these lessons of … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About The Severe Threat Later Today

Are you aware that strong and severe storms are a possibility later today? You should! If not, let’s break down the threats and timing. The Storm Prediction Center has placed the Tri-State in a slight to enhanced risk for strong … Continue reading

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Flooding And Severe Threat Through Saturday Night

A Flash Flood Watch has been posted for much of southwestern Ohio and southeastern Indiana, thanks in part to saturated soil after last night’s heavy rain: While the coverage of showers will be low through mid-evening, scattered showers and thunderstorms … Continue reading

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A Threat For Strong And Severe Storms Thursday And Friday

While the threat is small, you should be alert for strong and severe storms Thursday and Friday, especially during the afternoon. Even if storms aren’t strong, some cells may produce heavy rain and lightning. Models are quite sloppy with the … Continue reading

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Why The Dewpoint Needs To Be A Part Of Official NWS Weather Records

Everyone knows the word moisture. It is a fundamental ingredient for making precipitation or even keeping it away. It is the reason why it was humid today; the more moisture there is in the air (the higher the dewpoint), the … Continue reading

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Update On Wednesday And Thursday’s Severe Weather Threat

As I highlighted in my Sunday blog post, there is a significant threat for severe storms Wednesday, Wednesday night, and early Thursday. Damaging straight-line wind was the main concern per yesterday’s guidance, and it still is the main threat. The … Continue reading

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What We Know And Don’t Know About Wednesday Or Thursday’s Severe Weather Threat

In the Ohio Valley, it is rare to be put in a severe weather risk area by the Storm Prediction Center more than 3 days out. This week will feature one of those rare occasions. The Storm Prediction has put … Continue reading

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A Breakdown Of Today’s Severe Weather Potential

Morning showers and storms have stabilized the low-levels of the atmosphere and have prevented temperatures from rising significantly. As of 11am, most in the Tri-State are in the 70s: Sunshine is, however, returning to the Tri-State per the 10:45am visible … Continue reading

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