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Understanding The Difference Between Dewpoint And Relative Humidity

The dewpoint is not the relative humidity. The relative humidity is not the dewpoint. Unless you are a meteorologist, you could go your entire life without knowing the relative humidity again. Meteorologists use relative humidity for forecasting clouds and for … Continue reading

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More Storms Than Usual This Month, Summer, And Year?

Many in the Tri-State feel that this has been an abnormally stormy month, summer, or year. Perhaps it is the intensity of the rain, the frequency of the storms, or the lack of days with abundant sunshine that have people … Continue reading

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A Sycamore Story: Putting A Weather Station On The Roof

Since I returned back home to Cincinnati in late 2011, I’ve been connected with Sycamore Community Schools in a lot of ways: through teachers, through friends, and by getting involved in district activities. Sycamore is a district with award-winning education, … Continue reading

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All I Really Need To Know I Learned From My High School Physics Teacher

Meet Mr. G. Some call him Mr. Gutekunst. Some (not me) call him Mike. Regardless of what you call him, he was my physics teacher junior year of high school. I have seen him twice since I graduated. One of … Continue reading

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