The Best Gift Tim Hedrick Ever Gave Me

Long before I got a bobblehead, grocery bags with his name on them, worked with him, spoke with him on the phone, or trained to be a meteorologist, Tim Hedrick did something for me that put the pendulum in motion. When you help or speak with someone today, you’ll never know who you’ll inspire over 20 years later.

When I learned of his death, I immediately went looking for photos of or with him. I only found one with him, and I found several of him. A few hours later, I realized I had one memory of him that I have had for over 25 years.

I was at my mother’s house a day later, looking through bookshelves and bins in my old room. I couldn’t find that memory. A few days later, my mother thought I might have it at my home. I went through my bookshelves, and I found it.

The memory of him is from when I was a young child, approximate 5 to 8 years old (I can’t remember exactly). I went to the Blue Ash branch of the Hamilton County Public Library one morning during the summer for a short weather presentation Tim was giving; Tim was just starting a career in Cincinnati. I remember my mother taking me there, but I don’t remember the presentation. Before the presentation, my mother encouraged me to bring something for me to get Tim’s autograph. I brought a book my mother had gotten for me through the Scholastic school catalog (remember those)? Because I was young, it was simple and appropriate for an early grade school student.

After days of searching, I found that book today:


The book is very fragile. The book is intact, but it wouldn’t take much to get pages falling out of the book. Inside of the book’s front cover is a special message:


In an ironic twist as I read these words today, rays of sunlight started pouring from behind the clouds through my window.

As I have mentioned an earlier blog post on April 9, 1999, my love of meteorology was strong as a young child, waned some through grade school (mainly by the amount and other types of school work), and developed again in the wake of the Blue Ash/Montgomery/Symmes Township tornado.

I suppose things end about where they begin. My time with Tim began with sun, had days of turbulence, days of storms, days with bumps, but ended with sunshine. No bobblehead will inspire you to follow a dream, but words of inspiration early in the game seemed to do the trick for me.

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8 Responses to The Best Gift Tim Hedrick Ever Gave Me

  1. philipsmoore says:

    Reblogged this on offandonthemargins and commented:
    A thoughtful tribute.

  2. Don Maureen Schapker says:

    A wonderful story. Priceless. We lost a wonderful friend, We felt that Tim was one of the family. I think that the beautiful rainbow last Friday afternoon /evening was especially for Doppler Tim, and all the rain we’ve been having, are our tears. Rest In Peace Tim Looking at the clouds from the other side.. We will miss you.

  3. Lisa Carter says:

    What a great memory of a great man.

  4. Cheryl Walker says:

    How special !!

  5. lindalshot says:

    Awesome memory, Scott!

  6. Enjoyed your story thanks for sharing it with us . Tim was like one of the family. If I couldn’t be home to watch it I would set my dvr and record it. Most of the time I am here. I always wanted to meet Tim, but I am disabled and don’t get around very good, so unfortunately I didn’t get to meet him. He was one of a kind, my favorite too. I have cried alot of tears missing Tim. But I know he’s smiling down on us. He will be greatly missed. I still want a bobble head and a good picture! Miss u Tim. Love u too Scott, your my second favorite.

  7. Debbie Tincher says:

    Thanks Scott for sharing this, I sure did enjoy it. That is very special. I will miss Tim alot. I watched him everyday that he was on, and if I wasn’t going to be home for some reason, I would dvr it. Record it but most of time I was here. I always wanted to meet Tim, but I didn’t get too. I am disabled and can’t get around very good, Tim would always make me smile watching him. I still want to find out who i would talk to about getting a picture of Tim and a bobble head. I sit and cry over Tim I miss him so much. He’s my favorite. Your my second favorite Scott. Love u too . I feel like Tim is smiling down on u and seeing everything he taught u, and your doing it even with him gone. I know he was probably very proud of u. We will miss Tim. RIP Tim!

  8. Lou Galluppi says:

    Scott, thanks for your personal and thoughtful memories. I’m glad I clicked on the link to your website via Twitter. I’m sorry I never really saw Tim on TV. I moved here from upstate New York back in 2005 and got hooked on WLWT. That has changed since I retired a year ago on disability. I now watch Channel 12 daily. I enjoy you and Brandon reporting the weather. I’m sorry for you’re loss. I’m well aware of how much it hurts. Tim trained you well and I’m sure he smiles down on you from heaven. Good bless, Scott! Keep up the good work!

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